JARCO remanufactured engines are the closest equivalent to a “New Partial Engine Assembly”.  A Partial engine assembly is sometimes called an “Engine Long Block”. Regardless of the term used, the JARCO engine will typically be a unit complete from Valve Cover(s) down to the lower oil pan with timing components, water pump, oil pump and spark plugs installed.

The Remanufacture process at JARCO adheres strictly to maintaining Genuine Parts as well as Original Specifications for tolerances.  The Toyota published specifications are our guide. An adapted model of the Toyota Production System is used for both our Remanufacture and Recondition processes. The Toyota Information System (TIS) is used to keep our skilled staff updated of changes and improvements to each engine assembly.  We are fortunate to promote continuous improvement with open, reciprocal relationships for knowledge share from our dealer partners and their field technicians.

When comparing our Remanufactured product to any other than Factory New, be aware that the term “Remanufactured” means a host of things to different firms – typically driven by their profit goals.  The goal at JARCO is simple - zero defects, period. Our benchmark is a long, trouble-free service life. In our remanufactured units, we install countless new components that other firms do not replace – as they will label them as “non-wear items”.  Example: Depending on the model, the Timing Components such as Camshaft actuator gears, timing guides, chains, and lifters we consider critical to eliminating liabilities with Check engine lights and noise upon startup – so we include them with our units new, as well as any components that have open TSB’s for updated parts.